Gardeners essentials…

Our sundries and garden essentials shop offer everything any gardener, experienced or not, will need. This includes many tools including heavy duty spades, forks and other essential items. We also stock a vast range of hand tools and secateurs. We carry all the fundamental equipment needed to propagate seeds and cuttings, a vast range of vegetable and flower seeds, fertilizers and chemicals. We are well stocked with compost, many varieties are available. 

We have a large selection of pots here at Bampton Garden Plants. Choose from large, decorative pots, low alpine planters, zinc containers, a big selection of frost tolerant pots and smaller, terracotta pots and saucers that are perfect for little projects, beautiful summer bedding or even house plants.

We also pride ourselves on stocking a comprehensive range of wild bird care products. Choose from many different bird houses, feeding stations and tables.

We cater for every wild bird so whichever varieties visit your garden, you can be sure we have something to suit their natural habits.

Since the decline of natural nesting spots, we feel it is more important than ever to support our native birds and wildlife.

Not only are birds fascinating to watch, they help you out in your garden with some natural pest control.