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Christmas has arrived at Bampton Garden Plants! Our glasshouse is full to burtsing with beautiful cut and fresh potted Christmas trees. Varieties such as beautiful, narrow blue Fraser Firs, Bushy, non drop Nordman and Classic Spruce which has that iconic resin/fir scent that is so reminiscent of Christmas. Finding your perfect tree shouldn't be hard with our guide below. Also ask a member of our friendly team to help you with information on your choosen tree, care instructions and netting and even delivery if needs be!

Nordman. Abies Nordmanniana; Typically the most popular fresh, cut Christmas tree due to it's habit of holding onto it's needles for a long time, usually throughout the entire festive period. Dark green needles that have an ever so slightly blueish tinge on the underside. A full tree that has pretty tiers that are perfect for decorating.

Fraser Fir. Abies Fraseri; This highly scented cut tree has smaller needles that are tightly packed onto strong branches. Perfect for small spaces with it's compact,cone shaped silouette it is a brilliant buy for both it's looks, scent and practicality.

Norway Spruce. Picea Abies;  Spruce is the classic, traditional Christmas tree. Picture perfect with it's dark green needles and Christmas card shape make it a great choice for those wanting a tradtitional tree this Christmas.

Serbian Spruce. Picea Omorika; This pineapple scented cut tree is very similar to Spruce in it's looks and habits. Slightly more blue in tone but still as pretty and full making it perfect for simple decorations even just a string of twinkly lights.

Blue Spruce. Picea Pungens Super Blue; Dark stemmed with steel blue, almost silver needles this very attractive tree is a great choice should you want imapact and drama this Christmas. A symetrical tree, the Blue Spruce has an excellent natural shape and is very even in appearance. 

Potted Tree Varieties; We have Nordman, Spruce, Fraser Fir and Omorika all available as potted trees. We also have some sweet, smaller Blue Spruce in pots that are ideal for Childrens rooms, table top trees or for that little alcove you want to make festive. Buying a potted tree is always a great investment. Potted trees will last for many years with the correct care. 

All our Chrsitmas trees are now on sale and can be netted for your convinnience. We are also able to deliver locally. For enquiries on prices please call 01993 852233 or email